During all the year, but especially during hot weather, you can see different shows, concerts, events, festivals and celebrations, with the possibility to taste typical recipes and specialties of the Salento tradition. There are also exhibitions of the fine handcraft, from papier-mâché of Lecce to ceramics and terracotta.  Salento also offers the opportunity to attend the demonstrations, where the dance is rife on the notes of the traditional “pizzica”. For the lovers of the sea and its beauties, Salento offers a unique opportunity: the possibility to swim in one of the two surrounding seas, the Ionian and Adriatic, characterized on both coasts by evocative sandy beaches and cliffs showing how nature has been able to make good use of their “gouge”, creating unforgettable landscapes, from Otranto to Gallipoli, from Leuca to Porto Cesareo. It is hard boring in Salento.